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Thank you for your interest in our wines.

Established in 1990, born out of a love of European wines, Callaghan Vineyards is wholeheartedly committed to growing and producing the best possible wines in Sonoita, Arizona. Together, Kent Callaghan and his father Harold planted the original vineyard. Kent has personally tended the vines and made every wine since the vineyard’s inception. In 2008 Wayne Tomasi, a family friend, began working in the vineyard and continues to do so.

Our work is transparent – we invite you to visit the vineyard and winery to taste our wines and to talk directly with us. We are very proud of the recognition our wines have received from the most credible wine writers in the world. If a visit to Callaghan Vineyards is not possible, please contact us and sign up for our email list and/or our wine club. Wine club members often receive small production wines that are not publicly available.

  • “As I have said so many times in the past, this is one of the most interesting wineries in America.” Robert Parker – The Wine Advocate
  • Callaghan wines have been served at the White House on four occasions:
    • 1996 Democratic National Committee Dinner
    • 2000 President Clinton’s Last State Dinner – Prime Minister of India
    • 2006 Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s Retirement Dinner
    • 2017 Governors’ Dinner
  • In 2006 Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano designated Callaghan Vineyards as one of Arizona’s Treasures
  • Le Monde, The Parisian daily newspaper listed Callaghan Vineyards as one of six most interesting wineries/ winemakers in the United States. “Astonishing, concentrated and fruity wines. This pioneer symbolizes the spirit of the wines of the New World.”
  •  “Kent Callaghan’s mix of Mourvedre and Grenache from his home vineyard is astonishingly  light on its feet: radiant fruit, grapefruit pith, black licorice and dust.” Jon Bonne – San Francisco Chronicle on Claire’s 2009
  • 2013 Jefferson Cup Competition: Tannat 2012 – Double Gold, Petit Verdot 2012 – Silver Medal, Graciano 2012 – Silver Medal, Mourvedre 2012 – Silver Medal
  • 2014 Arizona Republic Wine Competition: Tannat 2012 – Best Red and Best of Show, Padres 2012 – 2nd Place Red, Gold Medal and Best Red Blend, Back Lot 2012 – Gold Medal and 2nd Place Best Rhone Blend, Petit Verdot 2012 – Gold Medal, Al’s Syrah 2013 – Silver Medal, Buena Suerte 2012 – Bronze Medal, Lisa’s 2012 – Bronze Medal
  • USA Today  11/18/14 – “Embark on Arizona’s wild, wild west wine trail”
  • Arizona Daily Star 5/8/15 – “Tucson Makes List of Wine Country Destinations”
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  • 2015 Arizona Republic Wine Competition: Ann’s Malvasia Bianca 2014 – Best White and Best of Show, Tannat 2013 – Gold Medal, Grenache 2013 and Grenache 2014 – Silver Medals, Ruth’s 2014 and Caitlin’s 2013 – First and Second place respectively Best Bordeaux Blend, Dry Grenache Rose’ 2014 – Bronze Medal
  • 2015 Jefferson Cup Competition: Tannat 2013 and Caitlin’s 2013 – Double Gold Medals, Grenache 2014, Padres 2012 and Padres 2013 – Gold Medals, Boda 2014 and Ann’s Malvasia Bianca 2014 – Silver Medals
  • Arizona Republic 2/1/16 – “New Arizona Wine Group Promotes Local Quality”
  • 2016 San Francisco International Wine Competition: Caitlin’s 2013 – Double Gold Medal and 98/100 points
  • Doug Wilder/Purely Domestic Wine Report: 2014 Grenache Rose’ 88/100, 2015 Ann’s Malvasia Bianca 91/100, 2014 Lisa’s 88/100, 2014 Ruth’s (CF/PV) 90/100, 2013 Padres (Graciano et al) 91/100, 2014 Boda (Graciano, Merlot, Tempranillo) 93/100, 2014 Grenache 90/100, Mourvedre 2014 92/100, 2013 Tannat 91/100
  • Edible Baja Nov/Dec 2016 – “A Tale of Two Harvests”
  • 12/20/16 – “Arizona Is the Next Frontier of U.S. Winemaking”
  • 2017 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition: Greg’s Petit Manseng 2015 – Double Gold Medal, Ann’s Malvasia Bianca 2015 – Gold Medal, Buhl Memorial Vyd Petit Verdot 2015 – Gold Medal
  • Wine Enthusiast 2/17 “Raising Arizona: Outsider Wines Travel to New Heights”
  • Doug Wilder/Purely Domestic Wine Report: 2016 Dry Rose’ 88/100, 2016 Waverly’s Dry Rose’ 89/100, 2016 Zippy White 88/100, 2015 Greg’s Petit Manseng 89/100, 2016 Ann’s Malvasia Bianca 91/100, 2015 Arizona Graciano 90/100, 2015 Cimarron Aglianico 92/100. “When I say that Purely Domestic Wine Report is dedicated to reviewing exclusively California, Oregon and Washington wines that is mostly, yet not completely accurate as every year Kent Callaghan sends me a jewel box of his wines from Sonoita, Arizona. Ignore the scores, they don’t convey why these wines are important to experience, or appreciate what Callaghan accomplishes by sustaining viticulture in one of the hottest regions in North America.”
  • FOOD & WINE 2017 Wine Guide: America’s 500 Best Wineries
  • FOOD & WINE 11/17 – “Where to Drink Like a Local in Every State”
  • 2017 Arizona Republic Wine Competition: Aglianico 2015 – Gold Medal and Best Red Wine, Ann’s Malvasia 2016 – Gold Medal.
  • 2018 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition: Ann’s Malvasia Bianca 2016 – Double Gold Medal, AZ Dry Rose’ 2016 – Gold Medal, Aglianico 2015 and AZ Graciano 2015  – Silver Medals, LIsa’s 2016, Waverly’s Dry Rose’ 2016 and Mourvedre 2014 – Bronze Medals

Come join us, relax and taste our wines. We’re just one hour south of Tucson, Arizona. Callaghan Vineyards is open to the public Thursday through Sunday, from 11- 4pm.


Hours: Thu-Sun 11:00a to 4:00p
Directions and contact information

Our location - on Elgin Road, off of Highways 82 or 83

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