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The Connection Between….

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The Connection Between... SummerCV2014

There is a lot of talk about how wine quality is determined in the vineyard. That is true to a point. Its maximum quality potential is determined in the vineyard. With the same fruit, a skilled winemaker will always make better wine than the unskilled winemaker. But the real task for all of us that are concerned with quality is to do the best job we can with the plot of vines that we grow. For top quality that means a lot of work on foot and by hand. It is monotonous and tedious. But it is the only way to produce high quality wine in any region. Wayne and I and a couple of other folks have been working on this for the last month, and we will continue to do so all the way through harvest. It is a labor of love and a privlege to do this for a living. Thank you for your interest in our wines!


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